The Seahawks play the Green Bay Packers tonight. Remember the crazy game last year with the Hail Mary? Oh ya, it is on again.

Hail Mary


And…I have a small confession….

What the Bake Friday will be moved to this weekend, due to the fact that I was a wee bit busy last night. Doing what you ask?

PURCHASING A BRAND SPANKING NEW ROAD BIKE! Sorry for the all caps, but it is very exciting news. Ever since the Beaverlake Triathlon last weekend, I decided that if I want to get serious about Triathlons, I needed to get a road bike. Dad agreed. Smart minds think alike! 😉

It actually got him interested in getting a bike as well. I foresee lots of daddy-daughter rides in the future! 🙂


Here is what I got! A 2013 Raleigh Capri 3.0!


I cannot wait to break it in! Especially since there is a good chance I’ll do another Tri in September. And…I just signed up for a Half Marathon. More about that another day. 

Okay, back to work. I promise to have What the Bake Friday happen over the weekend.

Do you own a road bike? 

What races do you have coming up?

XO, Tara

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