SIX Days left…


Mark your calendars people! SIX more days until the Overlake Medical Center Labor Day Half Marathon! Of course, I will be participating this year. I am beyond stoked for the following reasons:

1. It is my first half marathon of the year. Can you believe it?!

2. The race is close by which is a major bonus. I could probably throw a rock and it will land at the start line. Just kidding!

3. The course is flat which means it will be a fast and steady race! 🙂

The Labor Day Half is a great way to end the summer on a good note. Why wouldn’t you want to end summer with a Half Marathon? That’s right, you wouldn’t!

“It is one of the flattest half marathon courses in Western Washington with less than 130 feet of elevation. It is known for many personal records for runners.”


If you didn’t know already, this race brings elite athletes from all over the country because it also serves as the NW USA Track & Field Half Marathon Championships. No big deal.  HA!

It would be an honor to watch these elite athletes run and pass by me at an alarming rate. Well, actually they would start far in front of me. Meh.

Personally, I love the route. I’ve biked and run the course quite a few times. As locals would say, “it’s our turf.” On race day, runners will start at Marymoor Park in Redmond and run on the Sammamish River Trail. It is quite a beautiful trail.


Not only are the sponsors great, but you can celebrate your finish with a Mac & Jacks beer. Hello! De-yummmm! I’ll probably be thinking about the beer pretty hard at mile 9-10. I may just run directly to the beer garden at the finish. No stopping for post race photos or anything. Just kidding..or am I? 😉

You can also grab some yummy goodness from HP Smokehouse BBQ and relax with some live music.

For all of the super speedy runners out there, you’re in luck! The race will provide you with half marathon pacers. The Club Northwest based out of Seattle, will provide pacers for the following finish times: 1:30, 1:40, 1:45, 1:52, 2:00. 



Awards? Heck yes! Along with a beer as an award for killing yourself (not literally), race awards will be given to the super speedy men and women (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in each age group!

The Half Marathon will begin at 9 a.m. SHARP with awards at Noon! I hope to see you there. Or you can cheer me on! I’ll feel the love I am sure! 🙂 You have SIX more days to register and there is DAY OF registration!

Will you join me? 

What is your favorite distance to run? 

 XO, Tara

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