Mid-life crisis?

Top of the mornin’ to ya! How’s everyone doing on this Wednesday morning?!

I have to just say, there is nothing like a quick bike ride at dusk! Last night after getting my hair done, I decided to take the new road bike out for a spin. I mean, honestly it is getting to be a little bit pathetic how excited I get taking her out. Yes, her. No name just a gender! 😉

It was around 7:30 when I headed out. Managed to squeeze in ten miles before it started getting too dark. Note: Need headlights and clear glasses. Nerd alert.

I lol’d when I saw this…



Word! Even better when you can bike to a brewery! And when was the last time someone said this to you?


Anywho, lets switch gears to something more important? ehh..

Warning! Warning! There’s a picture-less post ahead…Lots o’ words.

It has been ten days since I turned twenty-five years old. Old? Shouldn’t I say young? I never knew what twenty –five would feel like. Over the past few years, I always had a thought that I would have my break down or mid-life crisis at or around twenty-five. How do I feel now that the big 25 came around?

I feel like a spring chicken, as my dad would say. I don’t feel any older. Age is just a number and I don’t want to associate myself with all the numbers hanging around. Age, weight, height etc. It is just a number that will not take over my life or bring me down. This is my new motto.

I know, I am not the only one to feel this way. We all get older and this means we get wiser right? I know that I am better than I was five years ago. Or even one year ago. I have found discovered new passions like blogging and re-creating recipes. Honestly, blogging has made me so happy. Everyone has so many thoughts and ideas running through their minds daily, and for me, typing it all out has helped me improve overall. Improve as in being able to open up more, discover new things, learn from others and overall joy!

I foresee that my twenty-fifth year will be full of races, training and commitment. I want to become a better person, athlete, daughter and friend (maybe girl-friend?). Who knows. I have nothing stopping me. Expect for maybe myself. Err..

Thank you to all my supporters out there. I know this was a more serious post, but it was needed! 🙂

How did you feel about turning a quarter of a century?

Do you have fancy gadgets on your bike?

XO, Tara

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  1. I’m turning 25 in February and I have to admit at times I have felt a bit like I am spinning!! I never really pictured where I would be at this time, but at the same time I thought I would be more “set up” in life. I have finally accepted that there is NO time line on when things need to be done, and focusing on the internal obstacles and making ourselves better as human beings is SO much more important to me right now than getting all my stars aligned. Everything will happen in time!

  2. I was kinda nervous about turning 25 too! It’s that age where you can’t really get away with saying you’re in your early 20’s. now you’re for sure in your mind 20’s. for me though, now that I have more free time and am eating healthier and working out more frequently, I feel like I have more energy than I did when I was 22 or even 18!

  3. Hah, wait til you turn 50, that’s when you worry about the numbers. Once you’re 50 you can never be referred to as young”” again, which you can right into your 40’s. But in the end they are only numbers and it’s how you spend the days (and nights) that matter.

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