Loko in the Brain-o?

Today is a special day. Why? The Seahawks play tonight again the Raiders. BOO! Sorry, (but not sorry) expect lots of football talk until the Superbowl in February. That gives me SIX more months of football talk. There will probably be another month of football withdraw talk too! 🙂


On another note….guess what? I got in a hefty 22 mile ride in last night. Even managed to ride up the Beaver Lake Triathlon bike course giant hill. Felt great, but I was pooped once I got home.


Plus, I am a wee bit sore ‘there’. You probably know what that means…..today I will take a break from the saddle

Let’s talk about what is on my bucket list…Do YOU have one? 

Not too long ago, I overheard a co-worker of mine talking about doing a             Half Ironman.


I was instantly intrigued and wanted to learn more about his training. I was interested to find out how he did and how he felt the day after. I was shocked that he came to work the Monday following the half Ironman. I would probably still be living in an ice bath. Just kidding! I hope?!


The word Ironman is very intimating.  Put the word half in front, still scary. But a goal isn’t a goal without some fear involved. Because then you would just do everything on your list constantly. It is nice to spread it out and conquer the things that scare you. An Ironman SCARES me. That is why it is on my LIST.

images (1)

I am definitely not training for an Ironman or half Ironman anytime soon, maybe in a few years. First, I should probably run a marathon. A lengthy twenty-six point two miles. Just in case you forgot…a little refresher. 

I feel like my goals or wishes can be all over the place. I feel like a marathon is a feasible goal for next year. Hooray for 2014, but lets finish 2013 on a good note too!




This is my favorite, because I have HALF way there. That means I CAN do it!

Have you ever felt all over the place with what new goal you want to begin training for? 

What is on your bucket list?

XO, Tara

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