ZBB recap + World Record

First of all, the Seahawks are officially in the Guinness Record Books. During the Seahawks-49ers game Sunday, the 12th Man broke the Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd roar. The new record is 136.6 decibels. The 12th Man went wild when number 24, Marshawn Lynch walked into the end zone. 

Yes, the Seahawks won. 29-3. 



This is another reason why Seattle is the best. 😉 We have an awesome NFL football team. 


Switching gears to the Zac Brown Band Concert on Saturday. Uh-mazing. 

Here, let me share it with you.

Spoiler…Yes there was alcohol and yes it was consumed…so sorry for the “intoxicated” pictures.

005 013 025 028 030 032

 I can now say that I am a bigger ZBB fan now. What a great way to spend the last weekend of summer. 

Have you been to an outdoor concert venue?

Do you like to camp?

XO, Tara

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  1. Love the gorge! I just have to get back to Seattle. Dummy us for moving to Utah. Not that it isn’t a lovely place… but I LOVE Seattle. Your pictures look fun and what a sunset! I’m not too familiar with the ZBBand but the alcohol, beautiful summer evening and music look like a great time.

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