A minor set back.

Minor rant ahead.
Don’t you hate it when you get home from work and get into your car only to find that it won start. Well, if you cannot tell already this happened to me.


Good news is that I have AAA which means a free tow to the dealership. (Not entirely free because we do pay for the AAA membership- but that’s a lovely perk that I get from my momma)
Thanks mom!

So the mustang is off to Ford tomorrow for a check up. Hopefully I can get a loaner car. Being without wheels is just strange.

Ok, enough with the debbie downer crapI did create a new smoothie last night while sulking and watching World War Z.

It’s a Grape n’ berry smoothie! Super unique name I know! 😉

I decided it would be a great idea to add some grapes into the mix. The mix included: grapes, blueberries, a small banana, vanilla protein powder, spinach, ice and water.

Woo-wee what a combo. Enjoy!

Have a marvelous Hump day!

XO, Tara

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  1. This only rarely happens to me, but it always seems to occur at the more inopportune moments! Like the first day of a big meeting or when I’m trying to catch a flight! I have a Mazda and I’m fairly certain it’s cursed 😦 Nice Mustang though! Hopefully the dealership figures out whats wrong!

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