Give me my ENERGYbits®!

Yes, ENERGYbits®. Have you tried them yet?energyIMG_2779[1]

ENERGYbits® are used to boost athletic performance while running or working out. They are 100 percent organic and made from algae. “Remarkably, ENERGYbits® have just one ingredient, spirulina algae which is a super hero in the world of super foods”. The bits are loaded with 40 nutrients and have the highest concentration of protein all packed into one little tab.IMG_2778[1]

Why should you take ENERGYbits®? Why shouldn’t you? Don’t you want to improve your running or workout levels naturally? I sure do. I hate (but still drink sometimes) energy drinks.

ENERGYbits® are best used for:

Increasing Energy <—–sign me up!
Increasing Endurance
Curbing Hungar
Balancing Blood Sugar
Reducing Fatigue
Increasing Mental Vitality

The best time to take these little bits of food is 30 minutes before a run or workout session. One serving is about 30 tabs. Remember one serving is packed full of protein. You can also take them on the go for a low calorie snack.IMG_2781[1]

Plus! There are three other types of ENERGYbits®:recovery

RECOVERYbits®- Ok, we’ve all had a night where we had too much fun. This is where RECOVERYbits® come in. They aren’t the hangover cure, but they can help prevent them and help eliminate toxins from your body. vitality

VITALITYbits® – Have a cold? Or need help improving your immune system? These bits will help improve your immune system, fight fatigue, and improve digestion and mental wellness.


SKINNYbits® – These are best for those who want help with weight loss, reducing hunger, reducing cravings, or need a fast high protein snack. They are best when taken 30 minutes before a meal or as a snack.

I highly suggest trying them out. They are natural, have great nutrition benefits and are packed full of protein. And that is just a quick summary!

You can find out more about ENERGYbits® products here.

 Have you tried ENERGYbits®?

What do you take for an energy boost?

XO, Tara

Disclaimer: ENERGYbits® sent me some samples to try. All opinions are my own. 🙂

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