Laziness= Productivity

Good morning!

Oh weekends that I want to relax and do nothing end up being the most productive. I started out my “laid” back weekend with a 7.5 mile run around the neighborhood. Nothing super duper fast.


Once I was finished, I dove right into the kitchen. No, I didn’t even shower. Maybe washed my face to get the sweat off. Classy I know.


Post-run smoothie. Cocoa Vanilla Green Smoothie. Yes, in a Princess plastic wine glass. I don’t care, it looked fine to muah!

Next up…Maple Vanilla Bites. I got the recipe from Lindsay! I’ll be sharing it soon.


I highly recommend these. They have a unique taste and are packed with protein!

I watched Bridesmaids too!


Ok, Bridesmaids has to be one of the funniest movies I’ve seen. It is one of those movies I can watch multiple times.

While eating and drinking while watching Bridesmaids, I made some cupcakes. I won’t share them yet…most likely tomorrow! They involve blueberries…YUM!

I’m off to get my ears lowered, aka…a hair cut. Yippee! Then getting my car from the shop and Flywheel! No complaints here for once!

How often do you get your hair cut?

Have you tried Flywheel?

XO, Tara


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