Favorite day of the week!

Sunday Sunday Sunday! It only means one thing, Football Football Football!

Before I rant about my love for football, you must read the Dumbest Things Ever Said on Twitter! Hilarious!


I am pretty sure my fantasy league app predicted a 99 to 1 for the Seahawks. Let’s just knock on wood and cross our fingers why don’t we. Ha! Jacksonville wha?

Just a little bit of smack talkin’ going on. This may get worse as the weeks/months go by. We got this. 😉

After months of cheating on Flywheel with running, I made it back!


Note my right shin is nasty. It is slowly healing from my mishap. Honestly, Flywheel is the best 45 minute workout. I cannot express this enough. I am always a sweaty mess afterwards.

After Flywheel, I made some killer Banana Bread. Probably my favorite recipe thus far!


Holy toledo batman, it was good.


Yes, I took a bite just for the picture. 😉

Recipe coming soon!

Do you like football or what is your favorite sport to watch?

What is your favorite team?

XO, Tara

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