Why you should go trail running

Happy Tuesday! 

I have to brag for a second. So Payton Manning is kill’n it for my Fantasy Football League!! He is my lucky charm.

On another note…A few weeks ago my parents showed me a new trail to take the dogs on. Apparently, it isn’t so new…and it is quite popular for walking, running, biking and horseback riding. Who knew?!


I spy a tiny cute doggie!


My mom mentioned that it would be a great area for trail running. Obviously, I need to pay attention to the signs and have my phone with me at all times. Safety first.


Here are some reasons why you should go trail running!

1. It is relaxing. Trail running allows you to take a mental break and enjoy the scenery. This also gives your feet a break from pounding asphalt.

2. It makes you faster. Trail running typically involves hills and running up hills makes you stronger. It helps you strength the muscles that you use when running on a flat surface. This can lead to more PR’s!

3.  Fewer breaths. You won’t be inhaling car fumes, fast food, or cigarette smoke. Instead, you’ll be inflating your lungs with good ol’ fresh oxygen.

4. It’s good for your joints. The surface acts as a shock absorber. Pavement does not give you this benefit.


5. It gives you shade and keeps you cool. This is great during the summer months when it quite warmer. The trees give you the shade that you need to keep cool. This means you can run farther!

Now get on out there and find a trail. Another reason why I love the PNW, there are so many trails and mountains to run and hike!


Do you like to go trail running? Or will you now?

XO, Tara





  1. I have a legit fear of slugs (I know I know, please feel free to laugh) and they are ABUNDANT on the PNW trails. I sometimes have a hard time simply hiking (as my last post shows I obviously still go) and will scream when I see them. I did ONE trail race and they were all over the trail it was awful. I would be more motivated to trail run if they were gone….haha.

  2. I agree… I love LOVE trails!! What beautiful photos.
    I run with my yellow lab Jax. He’s the best running partner for me. He’s good 95% of the time. Once in a while he’d rather play as if the trail were a dog park when he sees other dogs. Luckily here we don’t have the giant yucky slugs. I don’t miss accidently stepping on those beasts. LOL

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