We all need tips.

Other than being up at the ass crack of dawn on a SATURDAY, I am peachy.

How about you? I am off to work at Flywheel this morning. ❤


After work, my ass is either taking a Flywheel class or heading to the gym. I feel like I’ve been slacking this week on the workout front, but I guess I’ve had excuses. An ER visit and lots of Flywheel training. Well, I guess I really only missed two days, but this isn’t usual for me.

I haven’t been able to get a good run in lately. Damn you Seattle weather. Looks like I’ll be waiting until next week…yet again. On the topic of running, I was reading an article recently regarding how to become a better runner.


Every runner can benefit from some tips here and there. Just don’t overwhelm us with facts or we will just tune you out. Who is with me on that?!

Hopefully more than just one. 😉 Here are some of my tips.

1. Have the correct shoes. Yes, what you wear is important. The wrong shoes will do one thing- hurt you. Plain and simple people. The cost of an injury is more than a good pair of shoes. Go to a specialized shoe store and get fitted by a professional. I recommend Road Runner Sports or Shoes N’ Feet.


2. Keep with it and be consistent. You don’t get better with practice right? Right! However, if you want to get faster or run longer you’ll need to adjust your workouts. Train for a half marathon, marathon, 10k, ultra run, or whatever.



3. EAT! I used to be one of those people who wouldn’t fuel their bodies before a run or spin class. No fuel in the body= no energy. No energy= a poor workout.

4. Mix up your terrain or scenery. Go for trail running or go on a hike. The different terrain works different muscles as well as help strengthen the muscles used while running.

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5. Stay hydrated. Hydrating your body is super-duper important. If you don’t drink enough before or during a run, then you’ll find yourself become fatigued quicker. Add some propel or fruit to your water for a better taste.


What are your running tips?

What are your favorite shoes?

Do you run outside in crappy weather?

XO, Tara

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  1. Good running shoes are a must! Right now I’m wearing some New Balance W870 v2’s and really like them. My tips: If you have trouble being motivated to do your runs, get a running buddy! There have been many mornings where I wanted to hit snooze, but ended up going for my group weekend runs because I knew they’d call me out if I missed it. 🙂 I don’t like to run in REALLY crappy weather, but if it’s just KIND OF crappy, I try to suck it up and do it 🙂 It’s rainy so often here that you kind of have to!

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