Yuppies n’ Boots

Good morning!

Ok, Fall is officially here. The rain, wind and cold is back and coming with vengeance. It hasn’t stopped raining since Friday? or was it Thursday? See, it is all blending together now.

I have come to terms that I need the following: A rain jacket and rain boots.

Can you believe that I don’t own a pair of rain boots nor a rain jacket? Yes, it is true. Not sure how I’ve lived twenty five years with either. I am sure when I was like a foot tall I had some fairy pink rain boots.


I am sure they were similar to these, but not the brand Kidorable. Whatt?

Next up the rain jacket. Yes, I have just lived in Northface fleece jackets or like a ski jacket. Never officially had a “rain jacket.” This is what I want.



Something simple that does it’s job! It would have been nice to have one on Saturday.



I went to the Kirkland Oktoberfest and it was a wet wet mess. See the guy in the background knows what is up….he came prepared in his rain jacket!



I am digging sweet potato fries right now. SO SO GOOD! You’d think that beer and rain just go together here in Seattle. 😉

Sunday began with a 60 minute Flywheel class.



This is how I roll. UGGS n’ Flywheel shoes.

These yummy yummy treats came in too!


The brand new Double Chocolate Chunk Quest bars came in. They are probably #1 in my book…right up there with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

The rest of Sunday involved Football and Yuppies Tavern. The Seahawks pulled a WIN yesterday over the Texans. See, I told ya…Seahawks are unstoppable.

IMG_2883[1] IMG_2884[1]IMG_2887[1]


The scenery inside was actually pretty entertaining. Yes, there are feet hanging from above.

We stayed for a little bit to watch our friends band play, have a few beers and some grub.

IMG_2889[1]Good ol’ grilled cheese with yes more sweet potato fries.

I need to lay off the fried starch for a while.

Do you like sweet potato fries?

Rain boots? Yay or Nay?

XO, Tara

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  1. Having grown up in Seattle too, I remember having at least 4 pairs of matching rain jackets and rain boots! It was the only way to look super cute and note get your clothes/shoes/hair wet on your way into school! Makes me kind of miss those days 🙂 I love the rain!

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