Birthday celebration!

Happy birthday to the best mom I could ever have!!


You can never go wrong with guacamole, margaritas and salsa!!

The birthday girl and I shared a quesadilla with shredded beef! So yummy!

Here is her birthday shot!! Wowza! She took it like a champ!
That was the event from last night! Her real bday is today. We will go to the Salmon days festival for the parade and booths! It’s a big deal here.
Tomorrow is the Salmon days 5k which I’ll run too! Woot!
I am off to Flywheel before the events begin!
Have a great day!
XO, Tara



  1. I love that your mom took a birthday shot, that is awesome! I’m going to see if I can get my mom to take a shot this year for her birthday!! Our birthdays are two days apart (my mom and I) so maybe I’ll take one with her! Happy Birthday to your mama!

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