Run with the Fishes!

After a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree Sunday; today is looking like a completely different season. The brisk mornings are back! However, yesterday’s weather was glorious! I feel bad for anyone that was stuck inside all day. My morning started off with the Run with the Fishes 5k in Issaquah. After living in this area my entire life, I don’t think that I have ever done this run before.


The Run with the Fishes 5k or formally known as the ‘Salmon Days’ run, is a well known run that gathers people from the surrounding area. It is a quick, fast paced run that tours through the main streets of Issaquah.



Dee and I did the race together!

Overall, the race was good. However, my lungs weren’t used to breathing in the brisk air after being used to running in the heat. My lungs were definitely shocked. It made it hard to keep my pace (so it seemed). During the run, I was convinced that this wouldn’t be the best run….One, because we celebrated all weekend with lots of beer and two, I haven’t ran in a while….maybe a week or so.


That being said, I didn’t PR. Boo. BUT, I did come in 4th in my age group, 12th female and 86th overall. I managed to have a 22:23 time averaging a 7:16 mile. Not to shabby after consuming lots of beer the night before. UGH. 😉



The fish costume was quite humorous, even more so because the dog wasn’t so sure about it. He started growling at it. Everyone was taking pictures and videos.


The interesting way of expressing her “age”. 😉

Post race, I went back and watched the game (BOO) then went out for another run. My legs wanted to do an un-timed tempo run. Yes, my legs talk to me! lol.

Did you have any races this past weekend?

Do you like to run in the cold?

XO, Tara



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