Mind over matter


It’s all about mind over matter, not matter over mind when it comes to your workout. Remember this next time you’re running or working out. You’re body wants to trick you to stop when it gets tough. Don’t listen!! You’ll thank me. Let me explain….

I cannot count how many times I’ve heard, “my legs can’t go anymore or I cannot do one more rep.” You are what you let your body tell you.


I understand that you don’t want to hurt yourself, but your body always leaves a small reserve that has that extra something to get you through. Believe me. Whenever I have a race, I always kick it into high gear when I know I am close to the finish line. Secretly, I also want to pass as many people near the finish as possible. I just pick them off one by one. HA!

From experience, I know my legs always have something left. Even if I feel like my legs will give out, mentally I know they wont. Have I trained my brain? Apparently, yes. If my legs were truly shot, it would be impossible for me to finish. Plain and simple.


I am the BOSS of my BODY. One if my favorite quotes is,”running is 90% mental, and the rest is physical.” Amen. Believe me, it gets easier. Even if the training gets tough…remember that the reward is WORTH it. It gets easier. You’ll have to less convincing.

When training gets hard, what do you do?

What are your tips?

XO, Tara

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  1. This is so true…and my biggest hurdle. I have been running for 3 months now, and it’s still fairly tough. I’ll be halfway through my 3 mile run, and thinking I am feeling pretty good, when all of a sudden I feel the need to start to walk. Then it takes me 30 seconds or so to gear up and go again. It’s some strange mental battle that I have been trying to conquer! arghhhhh I have also just begun weight training, and at my gym we can have a PT at no charge, which I am going to utilize because I am not good at pushing myself…lol

  2. I get frustrated with other people when they complete something that I deem as minimal, and then quit. I ALSO get frustrated with myself when my mind gets so involved it causes ME to quit…like with my long run last weekend. It sucked. It’s so true though…most workout (esp running) at like 90% mental!

  3. Mind of matter definitely keeps me going! I usually find that if I can distract myself by watching the people around me, by paying attention to whatever song I’m listening to or focus on relaxing my breathing for just a few seconds, then I soon get back into it.

  4. Whenever I just DO NOT feeling like working out, I always think about how amazing I feel later and that always motivates me to get going. I also remind myself later in the day that the work out actually goes by very quickly and is only a fragment of my day, so it’s EASY! JUST DO IT. lol

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