Running machine

Good morning! Sunday already? Wow, the hours just fly by on the weekends. Yesterday I had the Fall City Half Marathon which went surprisingly well. My alarm went off pretty early yesterday morning and I was welcomed with rain. Yes, rain!!! Why am I NOT surprised by this. The forecast said like 30% chance, but that means nothing in Seattle. It basically means we think it could rain but we aren’t promising anything. Lol.
I was skeptical whether or not I actually wanted to run…can you believe that? Luckily it was sprinkling which was promising.
The half was scheduled to start at 8am, which meant I needed to get my shit together if I was going to fully commit.

Don’t I just look lovely and awake? Haha!
Despite the rain sprinkles, there were a lot of people!

Another flattering pre race photo!
The race went pretty well. I manage to keep a great pace. I wasn’t sure how I would do running in the cold yet again. Last weeks race was tough with it being like in the 40s. I even brought my hand held water bottle which is my new favorite accessory! I managed to eat half a GU as well around mile 6-7. I wasn’t a fan of the tri-berry… But I needed some fuel!
I will say one thing….damn that hill at mile 12. That was a killer to say the least after a flat fast course!!! Like I mentioned the other day, your body will always hold some energy for the end. I kicked it into sprint mode after my mom yelled, “don’t let those girls pass you!” Thy tried, but sadly didn’t succeed! Yes, I’m tooting my ego I bit. 😉

The post race photo with my medal! Woot!!

Post race pictures with Reese are turning into a ritual! ❤

What a that I am holding? I placed third in my age group and won a beer glass! Score! We were stoked. Mama was proud of her girl!
I finished in 1:45. New personal record!! The race was a success in every way possible!!
On the books for today is the Rivalry 10k with my friend Sasha.
I hope my legs can make it through it. Actually, I know I’ll be fine. 24.3 miles in a weekend? No sweat! 😉
Post race will be at the bar watching the Seahawks game! Go hawks!!
I hope your weekend was glorious!
XO, Tara

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