DOMS suck.

I am suffering from a bad case of DOMS. Delayed onset muscle stiffness or soreness? Basically my legs feel like lead and are super tight. I know, I need to stretch and foam roll, but I foam roll these legs right now? I’d rather pull my hair out. Right now, I am praying that just being “lazy” and not running (which I physically cannot) will help. Thoughts?20131012-194449.jpg

On Sunday, my friend Sasha and I did the Rivalry Clash 10k. She did the 5k and I did the 10k. I was skeptical whether or not I should be doing another race after the Fall City Half Marathon. I figured that I would be fine, even though my legs were fatigued.


Was the race fun? Yes and no. I got to see UW and WSU students, alumni and fans. Was it organized? Not at all. The 10k was scheduled to begin at 10:45am <—super late for a race and the 5k at 11am. We didn’t start on time at all. Most of us wanted to get the show on the road since the Seahawks game started at 1pm.


I wore my new Spandits pants. Super comfy and light weight! Check them out, they have lots of good apparel in wild designs and colors.


We finally were given the go ahead to start running a little after 11am. The course was flat and fast. However, the mile markers were way off. Luckily, I had my Map my run on to let me know my pace and time. It was just annoying to see a mile marker when I knew it was off. Plus, the route was on a well known trail that is known for cyclists. It was actually kind of dangerous….next year they need to take that into consideration.


I finished in 46 minutes exactly; 3rd in my age group and 8th overall for women in the 10k. I am quite proud of myself. I am paying for it though with the DOMS.

Running won’t be happening for a few days nor will I have time. I work at my two jobs three days this week, which means hello 14 hour days. However, I’ll try to add some Flywheel classes to loosen my legs up.

Have you had DOMS before?

Have you ran back to back races in a weekend?

XO, Tara

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  1. Yes! I have had DOMs. Not a good thing for both recovering your muscles and rebuidling your muscles. Take it from me, you do NOT want to rush back in to running. It was probably because you shocked your body too much and your legs are firing back. Your body can only handle so much.
    The only time I ran two races back to back was a 20K then a 10k in the same day. Worst. Mistake. Ever. Not prepared and ended up pulling my hip flexor!

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