Life throws you curve balls.

Happy Humpty Day!

I have a bit of a rant ahead. Here it comes in three, two, one…


No one said life was easy. Life can pull you in different directions. Whether it involves, love, money, or career…it’s still important and still needs to be addressed.

Unfortunately, you cannot control every curve ball that is thrown your way. We all know this, but sometimes we need a fresher.


Instead of sitting there with a blank stare on your face; you have to ask yourself, “Self, will I benefit from this in the future? Is this the correct path? What are the negatives or the positives? What happens if I don’t listen? Can I financially do this?”There are so many questions that come up. Ask for advice. Another set of ears never hurts.

Overall, it is all up to YOU. Plain and simple. What you WANT is most important. You are the only one living your life.

Blessed- Sign - 3

Ultimately, you need to make decisions that will make YOU happy. Don’t try to just please others. Focus on YOU. Be selfish. Life goes by too quick to be scared of the “what if’s”.

Learning to make hard decisions is a way of life. You grow from every decision or mistake that you make.

I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest. It may have been all over the place, so I apologize for that.

How do you handle big decisions?

Any tips?

XO, Tara



  1. I have to agree with you on this – it’s your life, so do what makes you happy.
    My main rule is to not take anything too seriously. If I can’t make up a mind about something, I sometimes just flip a coin – if it comes up heads and I tell myself ‘best of three’, then I know that tails is the right answer. 😉

  2. I am finally putting this to use after a LONG time of trying to please everyone but myself. That has landed me in CONFUSED city, but I am happier now and I know things will work out when they are meant to!! Great post.

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