Fun Facts Friday!

It’s Friday party people!! Crack a beer, open a bottle of wine, scream n’ shout, do whatever. Well, perhaps wait till at least 12pm to crack or open that alcoholic beverage! 😉
Hey it’s 5 o’ clock somewhere!

My apologies for being away yesterday. I it caught up with that thing called life and didn’t have a chance to share with y’all.

Anywho, I’m here now so let’s get on with Fun Facts Friday!
1. I’ve been loving my new 2nd job at Flywheel. The people, atmosphere and riders are the best!20131017-202049.jpg

Look at that awesome football! 🙂
2. Life savers!!! I rediscovered these a few weeks ago. LOVE! 20131017-202207.jpg

3. Football. The Seahawks just killed it last night! Whoop whoop!

4. The changing leaves and all the pumpkin recipes. Oh my gosh! Love!

5. Spandits! I love these capris! I’ve gotten more compliments on the wild print.20131017-205529.jpg

What are you loving right now?
Any fun plans for the weekend?




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