Circling the Gnome Universe!

Happy Monday. Actually, when did happy and Monday come together? More like, it’s Monday…let’s begin the countdown for Friday! 🙂 Whose with me?!
I’m sorry to hear that the grocery stores employees are going on strike today. I hope they figure out a better outcome to their current situation. I’m glad I hit up the store yesterday to stock up.
Soon after I got my Flywheel workout in then the family and I went on a lovely walk at Evans Creek.

We walked along a beautiful trail that was completely covered in leaves. Hello fall!


Even found a rather large and interesting mushroom.
Kasa was having a marlevous time doing her typical speed runs.

She is quite the dog.

What a ham she is.
We even found the travelocity gnome. Just kidding, but we found one in a tree.

Definitely wasn’t expected I see that.

Such a beautiful tree. My step dad wante to shake it to make the leaves fall but we convinced him otherwise.
Overall, a great trail to take the dogs too. I wish it was a weeeee bit warmer out. The fog never lifted here so it was 45-50 degrees all day. Brrrr!
We came home to catch the game, well I’m the only one who cares. Hello fantasy football points thanks to Peyton Manning! ❤
For a dinner snack, I breaded an avocado and baked it. Tasted wonderful. Recipe will be up on Friday.

What do you love the most about fall?
Did you make something new this weekend?
XO, Tara

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