If we had coffee…

Lately, I’ve been seeing quite a few “If we had coffee posts.” I thought, “Self, what a great idea!” If you cannot meet up in person why not chat about what you would talk about if they were sitting next to you.  Plus, I love coffee and Seattle is the birthplace of one of the largest coffee chains…can you guess which one? LOL.


If we had coffee…I’d tell you that I want to change my blog to a self-hosted blog, but I don’t know how. Basically, this girl needs some assistance asap.

If we had coffee…I’d tell you that even though the Seattle Marathon is coming up on December 1, 2013, I decided not to do the marathon. Instead, I’ll be running up and down Seattle for the half marathon. I chose to do this, because I don’t have enough time to train for the full and also Seattle has hills people. I don’t want my first marathon to be a super duper hilly race.

If we had coffee…I’d tell you that I am a pansy when it comes to running in colder weather. It takes time for this body to adapt to the colder temperatures. Hello, even 50 degrees is brisk. The last few races were quite chilly for my liking…but once you get your legs moving you do warm up as we all know.

If we had coffee…I’d tell you that I just “froze” my gym membership. Yes, I did it. One, because who doesn’t like to save money each month. Two, I have Flywheel to kick my ass as much as I want. Three, my parents have a “dreadmill”. Four, I can get my ass outside and run.

If we had coffee…I’d tell you that Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are amazing shows. If you haven’t watched, then holy moly you NEED TOO! Get Netflix and join in on the fun. Plus, you get used to seeing all the zombies and how gross they are over time.

If we had coffee…I’d tell you that I am a secret book nerd. It comes in phases though. In the winter, I tend to sit down more to read or read on the “dreadmill.” I really want to read Alliegent by Veronica Roth. It just came out!!! J

If we had coffee….I’d want you to tell me something interesting! I mean, yes I love talking about myself. That’s why I have this blog right? Yes and no. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know all of YOU.

If we had coffee, what would YOU want to talk about?

What fun activities are you up to today?

What is your favorite coffee brand or type of coffee?

XO, Tara



  1. Great decision about your marathon plans! I cannot imagine battling hills for 26.2. Maybe someday…….or probably never!! 🙂
    Last winter I ran in the cold like it was nbd– and loved it. I literally raved about it all the time. I’m already wimping out, and it’s not even officially COLD here yet. I’m in trouble.

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