Zombies Everywhere!

If you aren’t aware yet, flash mobs are popping up everywhere. Yesterday, I went to my first zombie flash mob. I wasn’t sure what to expect really other than people dressing up as zombies.

By golly was I right! I mean, it’s pretty clear what was going to happen but hey you never know. Basically one of the main streets was taken over my “made up” dead people. Some of the costumes were quite interesting. The whole idea of zombies creeps me out regardless of the fact that it’s not “real.” But this girl watches Walking Dead so at least I know how to potentially kill them if the world is ever taken over by these creatures. haha.


Once the zombies walked down the Main Street, they did a dance to “Thriller.”

They obviously started out on the ground then rose from the dead to dance. It was very funny because most of the zombies didn’t know the “moves” but neither do I.
Sadly, I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan. Shame on my parents. Just kidding.
Other than that, the Halloween party was Friday night. It was a blast. I’ll share more about that later! 🙂 If you follow me on Instagram then you saw my costume!
Have you seen a zombie flash mob or been apart of one?
Did you celebrate Halloween over the weekend?
Have a great Football Sunday! The Seahawks play tomorrow night! Whoop whoop!
XO, Tara



  1. I never got on the whole Zombie train either. I don’t really get the fascination with them – they don’t exist! even so…I still know how to kill them too if they ever came to life 🙂

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