What Perfect is to Me.

The subject of perfection is a double edged sword. We all strive to be perfect, only to fail in the end. No one is perfect, regardless of how they try to convince you that they are. I cannot even define the word perfect. Can you?

According to Google; “perfect is having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.”

Well, that explains it perfectly right? Wrong. What are desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics? Never failing? Never taking a risk? Never making a mistake? Never farting? Having the perfect body? Ehhh

I remember when trying to determine my flaws or areas that needed improvement when preparing for an interview years ago. I knew I’d be asked, “Tara, what are your weaknesses?” At first, I struggled with this. What areas in my life needed improvement?

Did I procrastinate?  (hell no, I hate waiting till the last minute)

Did I always want to be right? (Yes, I try too…lol)

Did I always want things to be perfect or on point? Yes, I always wanted to please others and do everything correct. I would beat myself up when I did it wrong, because it wasn’t perfect for the first time.

I’ve come to terms with this, since determining that this isn’t feasible. I would never be perfect. I can only control doing the best that I can. I cannot be the perfect runner, daughter, friend, blogger, coworker or have the perfect body. I can only try really really hard to be a good runner, daughter, friend, blogger, coworker and treat my body with respect. I am okay with this and continuing to work on my own issues with body image.

From now on, perfection isn’t in my vocabulary. Perfection cannot be defined.



What are your thoughts on the idea of perfection?

Have you ever analyzed your weaknesses or areas that need improvement?

XO, Tara

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  1. I definitely turn into a perfectionist too much and hate when I let people down. By this I mean things that they would consider to still be just fine, but in my mind isn’t what I wanted it to be therefor it’s a fail. I have been working on letting go of this mindset and just accepting things. I have also been focusing on how to take the focus off of myself (my body, my successes, my failures) and channeling that energy to OTHER people instead in the form of happiness and helpfulness!

  2. This is a great topic because it’s a topic I think so many people struggle with as they try to measure up to some mythical standards of perfection. Who invented that nasty word anyway? There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wonder, was that the best that I could do? And…I am learning to answer, yes, my best is good enough. It may not match another person’s standard, but it’s good enough for me.

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