I’m cray-cray.

Twenty more days until the Seattle Half Marathon!


This will be my first time running this race and I am excited and nervous.


I am nervous, because it is my first time and well Seattle isn’t exactly a flat city. So getting a PR probably won’t be the easiest. BUT, it is a great goal to run toward.


Also, the weather. We have four options; rain, snow, sun and clouds. All have happened during the races in the past.


I am excited, because it is a half marathon. Every time I finish a half marathon, I feel like I am on top of the world. The high is amazing. Plus, the atmosphere of the Seattle Marathon will be totally amazing!!

Sixteen more days until the Wattle Waddle half marathon.

Do I dare to run a half marathon on Thanksgiving (Thursday) and then the Seattle Half Marathon on Sunday? Is that stupid? What a stupid question to ask. I think a majority of people would say yes. Probably close to 97% of people. 

But seriously….should I?

In October of this year, I ran the Fall City Half Marathon and Rivalry Clash 10k in the same weekend. Let’s just say that when Monday rolled around, my legs were not happy with me. I had a serious case of DOMS.

In this case, the races won’t be less than 24 hours apart. I’ll have one race on Thursday followed by the Thanksgiving feast then the second race on Sunday. Two full days to rest. Feasible? I am not sure. I’d say yes, but I would really have to rest rest rest on those two days.

I need some advice. Can you help me?

Have you ever ran two races in one weekend? How did you feel?

Do you have any upcoming holiday races?

Have a wonderful Monday.

XO, Tara



  1. AHH I am going to run the Seattle half too!! EXCEPT, I am not really training for it…because I just don’t really feel like it! HA! I’m actually waiting to hear back from my boss about getting the day off. WE MUST SAY HELLO if I make it!!Also, you have the foundation to run two half marathons a few days apart. You never know unless you try!! I would say go for it, run the half on Thursday..then take a few rest days and run on Sunday! Just have fun with one of them!

  2. Cray cray, yes you are! BUT, I know you will do it anyway…so, you better schedule a massage (seriously) in between races, do foam roller/yoga/or something that will help release tension, and eat perfect. 🙂 I don’t run long ones because of all my fitness classes, but you’ll see me at the silly 5ks though.

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