Respect the Turkey Dude.

November is just chucking right along, isn’t it? November 18th already? Wowza.

I hope everyone had a safe weekend. Especially those in the midwest. Damn tornadoes! I’ve never been through one and “knock on wood” I hope that I never will.

On another note. I am about to go on a tangent. [Note: I apologize now if I offend anyone. It isn’t my intention]


I hate it when people start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving. Respect the damn Turkey. Can the Turkey have its one day before Christmas takes over for an entire month? Pahhplease?


True dat Mr. Turkey. 

I’ve already witnessed Christmas lights on houses, trees decorated, music, decor, ads, commercials, antlers, reindeer, etc. I bet you think that I just hate Christmas. No, I love it; it just needs to wait its turn. However, I despise the music.

tumblr_lqvt9mQxT91qgjty2o1_500Christmas music consists five songs that are sung by way to many different artists. I heard Christmas music playing at QFC. and Ulta this weekend. Kill me. 

I understanding the need to spread Christmas cheer, but again perhaps ca we wait until December 1st or AT least the day AFTER Thanksgiving?



Thanksgiving is a day where families, friends or even strangers get together to reflect on everything that they are thankful for. For me, I love the fact that we can have the entire family in one room.

This is a rare occurrence for my family. It typically happens twice a year. Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Again, don’t be mad at me. I just needed to get this off my chest. Please people, save the decorating, lights, trees or whatever until after Thanksgiving?!

Let’s chow down on some turkey, gravy, cranberries (yuck), veggies (yuck again) potatoes, pie, pie, pie…lol. My plate is always pretty bland and “tan.”


Yes, I did have a piece of pumpkin pie in October. October is known for pumpkins and so is the pie. So I didn’t break the rule. 😉

Also, I hope I am not the only person who is a workout freak on Thanksgiving. Last year, I went to a fly60 class (aka, flywheel class that is an hour long). I will most likely do the same this year or go on a run or do both? I tend to get pretty nutty. Nuttier than usual. 

You know what else makes Thanksgiving even better? FOOTBALL! derrka derr. We have quite the selection of games to choose from when it comes to the NFL. Packers vs. Lions, Raiders vs. Cowboys and Steelers vs. Ravens. Any predictions? 

Ok, my rant touched quite a few topics. I am sure you get it though.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Do you start celebrating Xmas before Thanksgiving?

Any particular traditions? 

XO, Tara



  1. I was driving to work the day after Halloween and saw someone’s Christmas tree in their window… NOOOOO. So I am with you on this one, everyone calm down please and remember how great Thanksgiving is!
    My favorite dish has to be my gram’s broccoli and buttered bread crumbs. Oh my lord, I want it even now, 9am when I am still having coffee 🙂

  2. We don’t have Thanksgiving, but it still does my head in when people start on the Christmas stuff in November – I’ve got nothing against Christmas but starting preparations in November just seems like wishing the month away.
    As for pumpkin pie… yum! 🙂

  3. My favorite Thanksgiving dish has to be sweet potatoes! I absolutely love them! (last year I topped my casserole with some mini marshmellows, it was to die for, yea not the most nutritious but hey its a holiday after all!)

    My mom and I have always gotten so mad about Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but I have to admit when we got our first snow in October I listened to Christmas music and it made it so much more barable (I am not a fan of the cold or winter or snow lol).

    My family always has Thanksgiving and then we put up our Chtistmas tree on black friday 🙂

  4. Hahaha loved this!!! I’m usually always an advocate for not spreading christmas cheer until the day after thanksgiving…but now that I’m married and have my own house, and bought my own decorations, I’m not ashamed to decorate a little early and get my money’s worth haha plus I know I won’t have time over thanksgiving weekend 🙂 BUT, I agree completely, respect the turkey!!

  5. Amen! The worst thing is when stores start on Christmas displays before Halloween. For realsies! Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday (behind 4th of July) so I do not want to just jump over it and slide in to Christmas.

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