Be Grateful Everyday.

9 more days until Thanksgiving. Can you believe it? Do you have your turkey and all the ingredients ready? I think I can already smell all of the yummy goodness.

Yesterday was full of positives and negatives. Positives being that I got in two Flywheel classes. BOOM! The negative; that whole work shindig. Just drama, drama, drama. Have I mentioned that I hate drama?! Well, now you know.

After my sweaty double Flywheel class last night, I went home to nourish my starving body and I began reflecting on the day. I said, “Tara, stop dwelling on the negatives. They will always be there; all you can do is either deal with it or change it.” Changing it may not be so easy….but it is something to work up too. That is why I am choosing both. I will deal with it and move forward with how I will change it.

This led me to thinking about all the things that I am thankful for. I find that I think more about this in November. Hmmm, I wonder why?! 😉

Since today is November 19th, I thought I’d share 19 things that I am thankful for. Plus, I didn’t have any other quarky number or pun. Feel free to skip over some if the post gets toooooo long.

I am thankful for…

1. My family. Duhh!IMG_2944


2. KasaIMG_2438[1]

3. My health.

4. My LEGS. I wouldn’t be able to run like I do without them.


5. The love and support that my family gives me.

6. Fitness and fitness!


7. The sun. It is a rare sight in Seattle during the winter, so I try to take advantage of it when it is shining.

8. Beer. Well, because it is tasty.IMG_3035

9. Beauty on the inside and outside.

10. My courage and drive to succeed.

11. My emotions, even when they come out at the wrong time. At least I can feel and express them easily.

12. Reese; even though he is 120 pound fur ball.


13. Flywheel. It brings me joy and the Flywheel family so supporting.

14. A roof over my head.

15. My wheels. Yes, it is materialistic, but getting to point A to point B would be much harder without it.

16. That stupid thing that I carry around everyday. The I phone.

17. My ability to go through the ED recovery process.

18. Football.


19. My Blogging Family!

What is one interesting thing that you are thankful for?

What brings you up when you are feeling down?

XO, Tara

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  1. Thanks for the little reminders to be thankful. I need to get in that frame of mind with this crazy icky weather. Now it’s going to be c-c-cold! So, I’ll say snow would make me happy right now.

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