Hello Tuesday nights.

Cheers to a productive Tuesday evening. Oh, is it too early?! 😉 Just kidding. We can “cheers” later on when it is five o’clock somewhere!

Last night, I managed to go to the doctor for a follow up after my accident, go to a Flywheel class, grab a growler, go to the store, baked a fabulous NEW recipe and relax. <—-this all happened on a Tuesday night. Shocking, I know!

Nothing crazy happened at the doctors. We mainly just discussed how I feel now and how I should proceed. Hello, physical therapy! Let’s just schedule you in between two jobs, workouts, sleep, etc. Oh boy!

Anywho, before even seeing the doctor, the typical weigh in, blood pressure, etc is done. In my chart, it does say I have a history of “anorexia.” If it says this, why do they ask for your weight? Ahhh, this just creates severe anxiety and negative thoughts. Of course, I weighed myself not facing the scale (made sure to take off my jacket, shoes, anything bulky). Low and behold I did end up seeing that dreadful number. FML. I haven’t weighed myself in months maybe even a year. 

I left the doctor’s office with a PT referral and a mind full of negative thoughts. So what did I do?? Went to Flywheel to burn some calories. Well, I already planned on going, but now “ED” had another reason why. Damnit.

Flywheel was good as always. I was able to get a good sweat session done and not think about what just happened.

I made a few stops on the way home and baked this:

IMG_3290Chocolate Maple Banana BreadIMG_3289The maple made it extra flavorful and delicious.

I’ll share the recipe very very soon. Hopefully this Friday for “What the Bake Friday!” 🙂

Thank you for reading about my latest “ED” scenario.

Do you add maple extract or flavoring to recipes?

Have you struggled with ED? Weigh yourself? Any thoughts/recommendations are appreciated.

XO, Tara






  1. Hello Tara! One of the reasons I follow your blog: I can relate to your story!!!!

    I have (still) struggle with ed, but I understand that I should take it one day at a time. I’ve spent more than 7 years dealing with it, and now I know I’ll have to deal with it the rest of my life. That scary feeling of doctor visits, when they ask you to step up on the scale, and you take everything bulky out, yup I know what it means. The gaining a pound and fight it back game… it’s an endless cycle.

    My advice to you is to take it one day at a time. There are days in which I’m thinking God I’m so fat, but then I remember to myself the dark place I was in and those weekly visits to doctors that I wanted to avoid. And as a great and special person told me once: I choose to live. There is more to life than just weight. It’s easier said than done but I hope you’ll remind that wieght doesn’t say anything about you (cheesy). Keep fighting and don’t let it beat you!

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