The Air is Cool, Crisp and Fantastic.

I can feel winter approaching and I am finally adapting to the colder weather. Hallelujah! I love bundling up in scarves and gloves.

The weather in Seattle was glorious all weekend. The air was crisp and the skies were clear and sunny!

It was quite the busy/non-busy weekend. Does that makes sense? Probably not. I worked both Saturday and Sunday morning at Flywheel. Oh did I mention that I went and saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Saturday!!!!!?!?!?HUNGER-GAMES

Oh my gosh, was it good. Go see it, if you haven’t already! I feel like every fifth post on Facebook all weekend was about Catching Fire. 

I also watched The Internship. It was pretty fun. You can never go wrong watching a movie with both Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

Check this out. Which is bigger? Kasa or the pile o’ hair?


This is what came off Reese during his brushing. WOW. Speaking of wow, we discovered this gem Sunday morning….026

A nest. Interesting to look at but NOT fun to get rid of. Not sure what the game plan is regarding this.


I finally got my car washed. I’ve been meaning to get it washed or wash it myself for months. I’ve just been lazy or blaming it on the cold weather. Meh, the car wash did its job!

I am loving the fact that is only a three day work week. I am grateful for that.

Btw, six more days until the I run the Seattle half marathon. The count down is officially on. 🙂

Have a fantastic Monday.

XO, Tara



  1. I saw Catching Fire and actually love it!!! I even talk about it on my Friday Favorites! I’m already waiting the next movie 😀 You talk about car wash… my car needs one 😀 my hands don’t 😀

  2. I saw the new Hunger Games too! Loved it! I wish they would have spent more time on the “games” and developing the revolution’s plot, but I think they did a fantastic job of portraying Katniss’s gradual slide from composed to borderline neurotic. Can’t wait for the next movie!

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