My dog can tell time.

I swear to god I have the most photogenic dog. Kasa has the most interesting faces. She goes from a super happy face, to a mad face, to an innocent face, to a confused face.015016 014Oh she cracks me up! You’d never know how obnoxious she can be. The never ending jumping on your leg, scratching at your face when you aren’t paying attention or the barking to mark “her” street.

I swear that Kasa can even tell time. She gets super antsy when the clock hits 6am and 5pm. Meal time!! She may not be able to literally tell me what time it is, but she understands how each day works. Typically this is what a day looks like: We get up, feed the pups, we leave, the pups hang out downstairs or outside, they bark, sleep, walk around and sniff. We get home, feed the pups, eat ourselves, hang out, watch TV and go to bed. Repeat, during the week with mild adjustments on the weekends. Sounds like Kasa has mastered this regime. After 8 years, I’d hope so.

Ultimately, I believe that I have one super cute and talented pup! 🙂 Don’t you love her sweater? lol.

Switching gears….Did I mention how sore my beee-hind is? Oh, I didn’t? Well, I am still sore from my lunge workout.

022I made this up on the fly and boy I am feeling it. I love lunges, basically for the fact that they help shape my booty and strengthen my quads too! Give it a go!

Does your dog(s) relate to mine?

Do you like lunges?

What is your favorite area to strengthen?

XO, Tara



  1. Ohh I have a dog that doesn’t like photos, and also happens to not listen to me 😀 I stll love her anyways! Your dog is so cute and lovely, but honestly I hate it when dogs kep jumping on my legs. I’d rather enjoy my little calm girl 😀

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