Hello- Five Day Weekend!

Yes, I said it. I have a FIVE day weekend. I am so happy about this, you have no idea. I am off from my normal M-F day job until Monday; however, I do work at Flywheel a few times. Flywheel is just fun, so it isn’t work to me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today consists of……well….not a whole lot. I don’t have to plan anything! That is just simply perfect. I can catch up on some shows, take a Flywheel class or two, then go to work at Flywheel for a few hours. I prefer these types of days.

I also volunteered to start prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. Chopping onions, celery and apples. Apples for pie pie pie!!!

I brought home a huge Costco pumpkin pie that my work gives to each employee every year. I think we are okay on the pumpkin pie this year. My mom and I plan on making pecan, banana cream and apple pie from scratch this year. Yummm! We always make pies from scratch, no store bought crust allowed in this house.

This family will eat pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


I’ve witnessed this. No pie is safe in this house.

I wish I was more of a pie LOVER. Sadly, I am not. I’ll have a bite here and there, but I don’t go loko over it. I enjoy prepping and baking pies though. Seeing a perfect pie is my reward!

We will see how many pies will be made. Other sides need to be made along with the TWO turkeys that we (mom and step-dad) are making. I am not apart of that ship. We are roasting one turkey and smoking the other. Smoked turkey is BOMB!

I’ll leave you with that.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving side?

What is your favorite pie?

Roasted, smoked or deep fried turkey?

XO, Tara



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