Itz Race Day!

Hello Hello!

What a wonderful wet day for the Seattle Half Marathon.


Damn, I wish I was No. 8888. Would’of been easy to remember! 😉

The Seattle Marathon is known for its hills and extreme weather conditions. Rain, snow, clouds or fog….which one will it be for the 2013 year? Rain and LOTS of it. It will be a soggy one.

You know what? I will make the best of it. Did I mention that the lovely Brittany will be running as well?! Yes, the two of us will be stomping through puddles during the race. Yipp-hur-ray. 

009I’ll be rocking this bright orange long sleeve shirt, ear warmers and gloves which I bought at the expo.

I learned that covering your ears and hands will keep you warmer overall. Go figure!

Wish us luck! Always hoping for a PR, but I highly doubt it for this one! I am looking forward to the experience! 

XO, Tara

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