I Survived the Seattle Half Marathon

Whelp, only four more Mondays (after today) left of 2013. That leaves you with 4.5 more weeks to figure out what your New Years Resolution will be. I’ve never really set a New Years Resolution that I can recall. Perhaps, I’ll have one for 2014.

Maybe a Marathon? Olympic Triathlon? I have time to put something together! 😉

Yesterday, I ran in the Seattle Half Marathon for the 1st time! I thought it was going to rain, because the weather forecast said there would be a 100% chance of rain. Well, I didn’t feel a DROP of rain on me during the entire race. The only water I felt was either the sweat on my face or the water I was trying to drink.


Huge smiles for no rain! Luckily, it was actually pretty darn warm. 50+ degrees at the start. I bought gloves and a lovely ear-warmer just in case.

I ended up ditching the gloves at mile 3 or 4. My hands were sweating like crazy, so I decided just to hold them and use them as a sweat rag for the next 10 miles. Not to self, gloves are only needed for when its like 30-40 degrees, NOT 50.

This race was far tougher than any other half marathon that I’ve done this year. The Fall City Half Marathon and Overlake Medical Center Labor Day Half Marathon were relatively flat. No hills. The Seattle Half Marathon course was half flat and half hilly. Aka, the last half was virtually all hills. Kill me.


I didn’t PR (sad panda), but I felt good that I finished the race with a good time. 57th in my age group and 294th female overall?!!!! Holy crap-ola! That is the top 11 percent for females overall and under 10 percent for my age group. I feel a bit better. YES, I am a super competitor.

I managed to be only 7 minutes slower than my PR at the Fall City Half Marathon. Again, the  Fall City Half Marathon was flat as a pancake. Plus, I haven’t trained much either during the late fall.

Blah Blah Blah!

Enough with the debbie downer CRAP! <—-Tara YOU did it. YOU FINISHED THE SEATTLE HALF MARATHON, ONE OF THE HILLIEST RACES. Okay, okay!!!!! 🙂

The last half of the race was intense. Many many rolling hills starting at mile 7. They continued basically until mile 12.5 or so, with the rest being flat……thanks…..

By then, my hip flexors were on FIRE. I managed to sprint the last .2 of a mile, not really sure, but my hips feel it now. I was so in the zone that I didn’t even see my cheer leaders shaking their cowbells and yelling at me. I managed NOT to collapse at the end. I got my medal (YAY) and grabbed my thermal blanket and laid out on the ground to sit for a minute.


It is always super cute to be wrapped in a silver thermal blanket, but it helps…well in this case as a blanket for you to sit on. I wasn’t cold at the finish, I just wanted something to lay on. Lay on and die for a minute.

I found this cool app called Photofunia and I put this together….


Here is a summary of the last three half marathons that I did in 2013.

Did you run the Seattle Marathon or half? Myself and the famous Brittany killed it.  I am so proud of her. I wish I got to see you!! 🙂

Have a spectacular Monday! I hope my hip flexors like me more over the next few days. lol!

XO, Tara

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  1. AWWW I love this!! OK I thought it was totally hilly, but then I was like nahh it’s probably just because I didn’t train and I want to die…but then reading this and hearing from other people saying it was DEF hilly makes me feel so much better!! HAHA! For realllllll though, you legit killed it and your time is unreal. BEASSSTTT!! My hips ARE STILL sore this morning…haha.

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