Hustle like Russell

I bet there are lots of Seahawks fans nursing hangovers or can barely speak after last nights game. Not me, I laid on the couch and just cheered. 

What an EPIC game. Oh my god, was it good. Did the Saint’s even show up for the game? They probably should have just stayed at home, because we trampled all over

Wilson, Miller, Kearse, Baldwin and Lynch all brought their A-game! I’ve never seen the Seahawks dominate this well. Well done!! The 12th man was definitely present. 

The Seattle Seahawks control the NFC and improve to 11-1. 


This is from my Birthday when we saw the Seahawks play the Broncos.

You can read more about the highlights from last night’s game here.

I am still pretty darn sore from my waist down from Sunday’s half marathon. Any tips? Ice bath? Advil? I’ll take anything. IMG_3346


I had an delicious bowl of oats last night. I love eating oatmeal in the fall and winter months. It definitely warms me up!

Who did you cheer for this weekend? 

What is your favorite oatmeal combo?

What is your favorite meal in the winter?

XO, Tara

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  1. I cheered on the ohio state buckeyes in our big game against our rival michigan (they didn’t play so well but it was exciting and we won!). Favorite oatmeal combo is without a doubt oats almond butter strawberries bananas and a little bit of vanilla protein powder! Favorite winter meal, not sure I have one but I do love some chili on a winter night yumm!

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