Upcoming events in December!

Happy Thursday.

Is it just me or is this week just speeding by? I am okay with that, there are so many fun activities coming up in December.

Here’s what is on the agenda besides working at the firm and Flywheel:

Ugly Sweater X-mas Party on December 7th.

Firm Holiday Party on December 13th. 

Kirkland’s 12k’s of Christmas Run on December 15th. 


Flywheel Holiday Party on December 16th.

Nana comes into town on the December 22nd thru the 29th. 

Party of Nana with family n’ friends on December 23rd. 

Obviously Christmas celebrations on December 24th and 25th. 

Vacation (from the firm) begins December 24th thru January 2nd! WAHOOO!

December is just packed full of exciting events. This weekend we will get the tree, decorate and put up lights. I hope to get up to the pass to ski once in December too. I’ll need to do a “snow dance” for mother nature here shortly!

What is on your agenda in December?

Any fun Christmas/Holiday runs planned?

Do you like the snow? Do you ski or snowboard?

Do you open gifts of Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

XO, Tara




  1. A much needed break from college, starting a week from today! Woohooo! I have a jingle bell run in mind coming up in December but haven’t signed up for it yet, so we will see. I love the snow as long as it does not show it’s face in March (thats when I just plain get fed up with winter and want spring). I have only snowboarded a couple times (once was a weekend trip in West Virginia). As much fun as it is, I always end up with one a huge headache (i’m not very good and always hit my head quite a few times) and a sore back (probably from falling so much), so I am not a huge fan. My family has a tradition where my grandparents get Christmas eve and we open gifts then on Christmas Day we open the remaining gifts at my parents house.

  2. I like snow…in the mountains. I turn into such a grinch when it’s down by me hahah. Although honestly…I don’t think I’ll be that annoyed this year for some reason!! Your December is looking AWESOME!

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