Worst Christmas Gifts

Terrible Christmas gifts. We all have received them, what do we do with them? Exchange them? Re-gift them? Say “Thank you,” then throw it away or hide it?

As we all know, Christmas is about celebrating and giving gifts to friends, family and those in need.

I was listening to the radio (which never happens) on my way to work and they were doing a segment about the worst/embarrassing Christmas gifts that people have received. I was quite shocked at what callers had to say. 

Here are a few examples:

A soap dispenser and dish mat from their fiancé.

Mourning stones <—–creepy


A gift certificate to a lingerie store from their grandma.

A knitted sweater that said “Gold Digger” from her boyfriend’s grandma.

A scale.


A Diet-cooking book.


A signed oil painting of Dr. Phil.



Check out these websites for some of the worse Christmas gifts.

Reader’s Digest: The Worst Christmas Gifts We Ever Got

Huffington Post: 12 Present You Should Never Give Someone

Huffington Post: Worst Gift I’ve Ever Gotten: Spouses Spill All

What is the worst gift you’ve recieved?
Have you re-gifted a present before? I promise I won’t tell! 😉
I hope you have a great Friday and weekend!

XO, Tara



  1. I would actually love a really nice scale! I gave one to my boyfriend and he really appreciated it because he was in the market for one. If I ever get a bad Christmas gift and the receipt isn’t included in the bag (rage!), then I still attempt to return it to the store and exchange it for something I would want. I figure the person who gave me the present would appreciate it more if they indirectly gave me something that I actually wanted instead of pretending to like what they bought me. 🙂

  2. This is hysterical!! I haven’t gotten anything that is TOO awful – I have gotten some gross teddy bears and stuff from students I worked with but they were just trying to give me something that they could. 😦

    Other than that, it isn’t awful but I HATE getting anything smelly… smelly lotions, smelly sprays, etc. They give me a headache and I rarely like the scent.

  3. I have re gifted gifts on multiple occasions………or sold them. Oops. But they were never personal gifts– things I got at work exchanges etc…..I never felt bad about it before but now admitting it out loud……I feel kinda bad. 😦

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