A Quick Reminder + a Core Workout

Brrrr! It is freezing outside. High of 30? Ahhh! Hello, Winter is here!

I stumbled across a great article that I feel that everyone must read. Not just those who have suffered or currently suffer from an eating disorder.

Elizabeth from my Neon Running Shoes shared this article about a young girl from Iowa who suffered from an eating disorder and died from an electrolyte imbalance on a training run. It is sickening to hear that people commented about how this girl wasn’t “that skinny.”

First of all, just because you aren’t “stick skinny” doesn’t mean you don’t have an eating disorder. No one should judge someone else’s health by just looking at them.

Everyone’s body is completely 110% different from the next.

No one should die from an eating disorder. NO ONE.

I believe it is important for everyone to understand that having an eating disorder is a disease.  The healing process is long, hard and tiring at times. It is like re-training your brain to believe something that you once thought was negative to be a positive. This doesn’t happen overnight. It can take months or even years. It takes time before the brain heals and the disease to disappear.

You’ve probably read that I, myself have been on this long journey for quite sometime. I’ve had my set backs, but I always try to not let me bring me back to where I once was many years ago.

If you know someone who suffers from ED, please be a person for them to lean on. Don’t judge them. Help them.

On a more positive note….I did a great core workout the other day and my abs are still sore! I haven’t done a core workout in forever and I cannot figure out why. That will be changing immediately.

This workout consisted of a total of 5 minutes of planking, 50 push-ups and 125 crunches.


Here is the breakdown:

1 minute plank

25 crunches

10 push-ups

1 minute plank

25 bicycle crunches

10 push-ups

1 minute plank

25 sit ups

10 push ups

1 minute plank

25 Russian twists

10 push-ups

1 minute plank

25 crunches

10 push-ups

Like I said, “Yes you can!” The burn is always worth it.

Happy Saturday. I’m off to get some new running shoes, hopefully! 🙂

XO, Tara



  1. Great article! Eating disorders can be very hidden. I have known many who have approached me and discussed it once he or she felt comfortable. It is interesting, because as you said, they do not have to be “stick skinny”. People more than ever need support during these times. Again, great article! 🙂

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