Productive Weekend

Hello Hello!

How was everyone’s weekend? Run in any Jingle bell or holiday runs? The weather here in Seattle has been very very cold. Not even making it to freezing. Buhrrrrr.

I had a marvelous weekend! Got some holiday shopping in along with some personal shopping. Since the Seattle Half Marathon, I decided that I was in dyer need of a new pair of running shoes. My feet were literally killing me when I finished the race. I decided to go to Road Runner Sports in Bellevue and see if they could give me some advice on a new pair of kicks!


Oh boy, this place was exceptional. They had me run on a treadmill to record my strides and foot planting. This would help determine my arch and pressure points which would ultimately help determine which shoe “type” would be the best for me. I was also asked which areas hurt the most when running; i.e. knees, toes, IT band, hips etc. I was astonished with how thorough the process was.

After the testing was finished, the results showed that I needed a stability shoe. I then learned that there are a few different types. Stability and stability plus. The last pair of Asics I had were in the “stability plus” category. Perhaps they just had too much stability and I needed to go down one level. Apparently, it can make all the difference.



I chose the Brooks Ravenna 4. Super comfortable and I didn’t mind the color either. Instantly SOLD.

After this purchase, my dad and I hit the mall. I never ever go to the mall. Shopping+Tara= disaster. However, this trip to the mall was a success. We went to get some new hair shampoo that I heard works wonders.



Its a shampoo and conditioner all in one. Mainly a “cleanser.”  So far with one use, I like it. I hope it does “wonders” on my hair. 🙂 I’ll keep ya posted!

I also snagged three pairs of jeans. I got two pairs of the same jeans and a pair of black jeans from Guess. I was shocked to find out that the pair from Guess were half off. I loved that surprise at the register! Who doesn’t?!

That night we ended up watching a movie to relax. 2 Guns was the movie of choice. Wasn’t too bad. I was entertained.

On Sunday, I hit up Flywheel for the power hour then came back to watch the Seahawks game. Unfortunately, we lost……BUT we are still in the lead. So I am not too terribly upset.

Then this happened….

IMG_3036[1] IMG_3037[1]


Yes, I made the jump and purchased the new Iphone 5s! I am so happy I did.

Merry Christmas early to me! I never buy anything for myself, so I felt happy that I went out of my comfort zone and got it. I LOVE it. I mean how could you not?! haha!

Overall, I had a successful weekend and I  hope this week flies by! I have a work Christmas party Friday afternoon, it should be interesting. Ha!

I hope you have a marvelous week!

XO, Tara





  1. There is a store here named “La Meta Running Store” that does the treadmill test and everything you mentioned. I went there for a recommendation and don’t regret it. If I’m in need of shoes I would go there 😀

    iPhone 5S my boy has one and he loves it! I’m old school with 4 (yup sucks) I guess I need to make the change right?

  2. I love quality running stores like that. My ex-boyfriends sister opened 3 running stores and they do stride and footstrike analysis on a super fancy dancy treadmill. I love stopping in there =)

    I was rooting for the Seahawks. Mainly because wilson came from my school and I love him. And because I really really dislike the 49ers and Kaepernick

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