Holiday Traditions

Have you finished your Holiday shopping yet? Or are you waiting till the last minute? No harm in that!


I am definitely not a procrastinator. Waiting till the last minute for anything just makes me sweat. Luckily, I am about 92.5 percent finished with my shopping. I just need to get a few stocking stuffers….Easy peasy.

Next up, wrapping all those darn presents. Why can’t they wrap themselves? Ugh, maybe I should purchase some wrapping paper…. Errghh!


I will be doing this for maybe a few presents! 😉

I hate using the same ol’ red colored paper that I already have. I need me some variety here peeps! Ya dig?! Plus, I don’t want everyone associating every red present under the tree to be from yours truly.


Maybe I’ll just use some brown paper bags. Kind of cute huh?! Maybe I’ll wrap just “one” with a paper bag. 😉

Remember wrapping your textbooks with a paper bag? Maybe that was just me, but I was a pro.


Ask me to do it now, and it may take me a weeeee bit longer. Wow, off topic much?!

When the holidays roll around (sneak up on us—-I think), do you have any traditions that you do every year? Brunch on Christmas, cutting down a tree, opening presents on Christmas Eve or Day, go skiing, big dinner etc.?

I’ve been to quite a few Christmas get togethers over the years and each one is different. Every family has their own traditions which is great. I love being apart of it too. It makes me think about what I like and what I don’t like.

My family hasn’t really kept to a particular tradition. When I was younger, we always opened presents on Christmas Day and had a big dinner on Christmas Eve. Now a days, we tend to open presents on Christmas Eve and do the big dinner the same day. We do this mainly because it seems to be when we can get everyone in the same place at the same time. Fine with me!

My mom has started the tradition in recent years to get me ornaments. When my parents were married they made a tradition of purchasing these mice ornaments every year and she wanted to start something similar with me. Every year, I get some sort of ornament that is a purse or bag. They are always super cute.

Here’s a throw back to Christmas 2012.

005 004O’ the brown hair. Will not do again. Yuck!

But hey at least Kasa looks super cute n’ festive!

Tell me about your Holiday traditions!

Have you had a dye job that you look back on and ask why?

Are you finished with your holiday shopping?

XO, Tara



  1. OMG the paper bag books, YES! I thought I was soooo cool wrapping mine in Hollister or Abercrombie bags…how embarrassing!! I like your hair dark!! I like it better blonde though! I died my hair auburn when I was younger and it turned a nasty purple color. HA!

  2. I’m just about done with my Christmas shopping as well. I just need to stop at one more store. I still need to wrap everything too though! Oy. I love Christmas, but it’s always kind of nice when it’s over too. 😉 Oh, and your little doggie is the cutest ever!! Is she a Pomeranian? So darling.

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