Romanesco anyone?

Seattle experienced it’s first ‘snow fall’ of the season! When the talk of snow occurs in Seattle it’s like all hands on deck! Seriously though….
Thursday night King5 mainly talked about the weather and pin pointing exactly when the snow would hit the Seattle area. I mean how close could they have gotten? To the minute or hour? Guess so! I cannot be there to judge because I was in a NyQuil coma.

I’ve been battling a nasty nasty something. I’m guessing the flu. It hit me like a ton of books Thursday morning. Yuck!

These items have been my best friends!
The snowfall Friday morning meant snow things: no school for all the kids or a late arrival. Well the kiddos got their wish of no school. Oh ya there was like only an inch of snow in some areas, butttttt there are a ton of hills in our area and the snow kept falling all morning.

The pups loved the snow. I wasn’t up for a trip outside so I left that up to my parents. I mainly plopped on the couch for another day. I can say that I am caught up on Walking Dead and Vanderpump Rules.
Sadly I did have to go into my second job, but that DayQuil works wonders. I still felt like poop but I could manage a few hours on that stuff.

My lovely parents were kind enough to drop me off and go venture around Pike place market!
Beautiful huh?!
They also found this….

Please tell me what it is…apparently it’s called Romanesco. Crazy huh? Looks like a mini tree. A cross between cauliflower and broccoli? Either way I
NOT eating it.
Makes for a great center piece!
I’m really praying that this flu thing goes away. I don’t want to be sick anymore. I can’t stand sitting around and doing nothing. It’s lame and I’m so not used to it.
Ok I’m done complaining!
Have a wonderful Saturday!!
What are your plans this weekend?
Have you ever bought a werid looking veggie that you weren’t sure exactly what it was?
XO, Tara




    EAT IT!! (Don’t mind the manfriend that, it’s a very old post haha) It’s really good I promise, it tastes just like the combo of the two veggies. I need to get my hands on some more of that stuff!!

    I hate the snow yesterday, I drove to work at 6am and was sooooo scared. My car slid down a hill and I had to pump my breaks to get them to warm up when I first left my house. I hope you feel better soon!!!

    P.S. I haven’t forgotten about our hangout, I have been crazy busy and I promise we will make something work after the holidays!!

  2. Aww, I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well! I went through the same thing earlier this week. Luckily I was able to nurse my cold and get better, and finally got to go running again yesterday. I’ve never heard of Romanesco, but of there’s lot of veggies in it like everyone says, I think I’m gonna have to try it!

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