Christmas Eve 13′ in a nutshell.

I am a few days late with sharing my own Christmas with you! It was a good one overall.
The morning started with some good ol’ Flywheel! My family patiently waited for me  to come home, shower and head out for a quick tour of the area!


Nana, Joe and I

We had to show Nana the spectacular view from the Newcastle golf course! You can see literally see Seattle in the distance.
Next up was Snoqualmie Falls; however it was too foggy with the falls making it’s own climate. You couldn’t even see the falls even though it was a clear sunny day. You could definitely hear it tho!

Next up was making pretzels for the first time!



The finished product!

Ok, pretzels are fairly easy to make, buttttttt forming them into the pretzel shape is an art. Perhaps the dough was a bit dryer than it should be which made it tougher. However, the overall process was super fun! We will definitely make these babies again. Mini versions!

A pre-Christmas dinner snack.

The rest of the family came over for the prime rib dinner! Yum yum!!

Yours truly and my dad! See the resemblance?! Haha

We finished dinner, warmed up my the “Yule log” and opened presents.

I was grateful for all the presents I received this year. Lots of good running zipups, a lulu jacket, frames, boots, a food processor and memories!

Sadly, I do have to take my new Frye boots back since we discovered that someone had already worn them. I was totally bummed. Back to Nordstroms they go! Butttttt….Nordstroms hooked me up and made me a happy girl. Nordstroms stands by their word and always has great customer service.

Overall, our Christmas Eve was a success. We ended the night with a random holiday movie and passed out.

I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. Well, maybe a few of the burnt pretzels. 😉

Tell me about your Christmas Eve!

Any baking or cooking failures? Did you try something new?

XO, Tara



  1. I definitely got some good things that I “needed” opposed to just random shit for Christmas. Thank goodness, because I have no space for random!! Those pretzels look like so much fun! I love your hair curled, so classy!

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