A Double Feature!

If you haven’t seen Saving Mr. Banks yet, then you are missing out. What a great movie!! I highly recommend it.

Tom Hanks will never ever let you down. Makes me want to watch Castaway again. Oh, Wilson…. 😉

Grab your popcorn and now up early for a kick asssssss movie. If you’re younger like me…it involves Disney and the movie Mary Poppins. (I.e. Never as that movie….)

The only line I knew was “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

I’m a sad sad girl. Yes I’ve never seen the movie…


You won’t be sorry that you went.
Following the movie, came another movie… Any guesses?

I have positive and negative thoughts about this movie.
The negatives: the movie just “ended” and they didn’t talk about the iPod, iPhone or iPad. I thought they would talk about present day too.
The positives: Ashton did a great job protraying Steve Jobs. I learned more about the earlier days of Apple. It was educational.

Then we all passed out. It was a pretty crazy day. Hahha not…
Oh ya I almost forgot. I did get in a seven mile run in before we went to the movies! It’s been a while since I went on a long run. Felt ahhhmazing!


Post run tired and cold face!
Woot woot!

Do you have any Christmas Day traditions? Movies or skiing is typically on the agenda!

Stay tuned for my mini trip to Leavenworth recap! 😀

XO, Tara



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