Back to Reality!

Back to a schedule? Say it ain’t so!


After being off since December 23 and being free, I am dreading going back to structured days. 

Wouldn’t you? I got quite used to just managing one job and sleeping in. The break from my regular job has been quite stupendous.

I can do what I want when I want. Who would have thought. At times, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. 😉 Rottenecards_1022223_2tyyq9ydxf

On another note, my dad and I have been house hunting. I feel like I should be on a episode of House Hunters on TLC. I’d love the house to just fall into my lap! We have spent numerous hours in the car driving around looking at houses. Ironically, it has been fun. Good o’ bonding time!

We’ve found some that we like and others that well….were an instant no way. But the whole process is definitely a process. It will take time, and we are in no rush!

By the way, I registered for the Mercer Island Half Marathon in March. Yippeee! It will be a great way to start off race season.


If you live in the Seattle area, will you be joining me? Come on, I know you want too! 😀

Have you signed up for any races for 2014?

Are you back at work yet after the holiday?

Have a great Thursday!




  1. First, I love House Hunters so I’m a little jealous that you are getting to do a little version of your own. My husband grew up on Mercer Island and would probably love to go back to visit. I might consider the half marathon (even though, have you seen those hills??) 🙂

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