A Special Thank You!

Woohoo itz Friday!

Only ten more hours until I get to go home. Already counting down the hours. 😉


As I have mentioned before, 2013 was a marvelous year when it came to running in a number of races. I have to give a special shout out to Gametiime. If you haven’t checked out Gametiime yet, you need to now. Plain n’ simple. 


Their site makes choosing a race easy as pie!


On the Gametiime website you can find races ranging from:

  • trail runs
  • triathlons
  • 5ks
  • 10ks
  • 12ks (Seahawks 12k- A personal favorite)
  • half marathon
  • full marathon
  • ultras
  • and other road runs.

You can find a specific race for a particular area, region or state. Now serving Oregon and California!

The Gametiime site allows you to save certain events, see others who have registered or saved the event and you can even check out the elevation chart for many of the races offered. What a spectacular idea! 

I have never found another site that provides so many options for its visitors. It really helps when making a decision on registering for a race. Plus you can see who else you may potential run with. Score!

I’ve loved being apart of the Gametiime community. Gametiime recently nominated me for a number of awards and I am so ecstatic! My ego may have grown a tad bit more! LOL. Everyone loves to be applauded for their accomplishments. 😀



Now, I have a challenge for you. Check out Gametiime’s website and sign up for a race. Add a race to your list of 2014 resolutions! 😀

Happy Friday!




  1. You’re welcome, Tara. We’re thrilled to have been a part of your many running achievements in 2013 and can’t wait to help you do even more this year. Thanks for writing this and congrats again on your Gametiime Runner Awards! 🙂

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