Boots on Boots on Boots

What a wonderful weekend full of football! The Saints, Chargers, 49ners and Colts all came out on top. Did you happen to catch the Colts vs. Chiefs game? I couldn’t believe that they came back and won the game. What a epic comeback!NFL: AFC Wildcard Playoff-Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts


I am super excited for the Seahawks vs. Saints playoff game next Saturday! NFL: New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks

After we kicked their ass earlier in the season at home. Let’s do this again! 

Here’s the current playoff schedule, if you aren’t aware already. 😉2014-nfl-playoffs-picture


 Enough with the football talk.

Is it cold where you live? This epic freeze is crazy! Luckily, Seattle hasn’t been hit at all, but I feel terrible for everyone that has been affected. I am hearing about negative 30 degrees….is this for real? I’ve barely experienced zero degrees. -30? No Thank You. 

I am very thankful for the “milder” weather here in Seattle.

This arrived over the weekend too!011Have you tried Moroccan Oil? Oh my, I love it. Makes my hair silky smooth and protect its from the heat. #love


I cannot wait to wear my new Frye boots. I got them for Christmas, but had to get them re-soled, because unfortunately they were worn before we bought them from Nordstroms. I couldn’t believe it, but they Nordstroms kept to their GREAT customer service and hooked us up!

014I got a pair of these too! Boots on Boots on Boots!

A girl can never have too many boots. 😀

I’m off to work. Have a fabulous day and stay warm if you are living in an area that has been affected by this deep freeze!

XO, Tara



  1. I totally agree with you on the cold thing. I thought my (Seattle-ish) run on Saturday was cold, and it was still 32* above zero! I can’t imagine being in that storm right now. Also, I’m so stoked for the Seahawks! And lastly, I wish I could be you right now because those boots are A-MA-ZING! Definitely rock those ASAP.

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