Run 26.2 for Year 26

January means that I can start putting together my race schedule for the upcoming months. I have a rather large goal to run a full marathon in 2014.063

Someone told me that it would be perfect to call it “Run 26 for year 26!”

Duh, what a magnificent idea!!

Since I turn 26 years old in 2014, running 26.2 miles would be perfect way to celebrate. Last year, I did the Beaver Lake Triathlon on my 25th Birthday and I felt unbelievably accomplished that day. It had been ten years since I did my first Triathlon at age 15.

I am still on the fence as to which Marathon I will run this year, but I have a list of other races that I will attempt to conquer in 2014.


Lake Sammamish Half 3/8/14


Mercer Island Half  3/23/14

Seahawks 12k 4/13/14- You can find the 2013 race recap here.

Rock n Roll Marathon (or half) 6/21/14


Tacoma Narrows Half 8/2/14

Beaverlake Triathlon– 8/16/14- Last years Birthday Celebration Race


Seaweeze Half 8/23/14


Labor Day Half 9/1/14- Loved this race last year.


Seattle Marathon (or half) 11/30/14- Hills on hills on hills

I know I’ll be throwing in some 10k and 5ks too. Speaking of which, I need some races in May, June and July.

I am bouncing around the idea of doing the Rock n Roll Marathon on June 21, 2014. If I decide not to do the full, then I will do the half. Then there is the Eugene Marathon and Portland Marathon.

There are too many marathon choices and I want to make sure that I choose the best one to be my “first.” This is something that I will look back on in years to come. This is serious business people. Any recommendations? Help a girl out!

What races are you running this year?

Any running goals? PR’s? New runs?

Have you done a Triathlon?

Recommendations for a Marathon running schedule or eating plan?

XO, Tara



  1. OMG did I tell you this too!?!?! I am planning to do the same thing!! I don’t think it was me that said it to you though ahahah..but I have heard it and I LOVE the 26 for year 26. Great looking schedule, I need to some run some of these!

  2. You have some great races on the schedule, and I hadn’t heard of the Seahawks 12K so I’ll have to look into that one! (And I’ll have to pop back later to read some of your recaps from last years races).
    I’m registered to run the Portland Marathon (my first full, and just 3 days before my 30th birthday). I’ve heard great things about the course (excluding the major hill) and also the swag. As a bonus, Tacoma Narrows Half fits on the calendar perfectly with all the Hal Higdon plans (the end of week 9 on an 18 week plan).

  3. 26.2 for 26 is an awesome idea! I’m turning 26 this year well. I may or may not borrow your fabulous idea 😉 Rock and Roll marathons are my favorite. There’s so much going on, it usually distracts me from everything else that’s going on. Whenever I pick a race to run though, I try and pick somewhere I haven’t been or that’s a few hours away. It’s a great way/excuse to go see a new area that you’d never have another reason to visit!

  4. Hey Tara – great goals! Check out (yes, spelled right) for finding races, especially since you can filter by location, length, date range etc. it’s awesome 🙂 I am doing my first half 1/25 (The Rain Run) so I can’t recommend much, but my gf loves the Vancouver USA Marathon. I am doing RnR Seattle half, Hot Choc 15k, and must fill my calendar with 14 races for 2014 (I just started running 1/1/13).
    I’m not a swimmer so no tri’s for me. I do hope to get my 10k under an hour for this year, was close last year!

  5. Tough call between Eugene and Portland. The Eugene course is pretty awesome – flat (no hills), great scenery along the river, lots of runners and spectators, and you finish on the track at Hayward Field. That is the course where I had my PR. Portland is a great course too – beautiful run through the city and across the bridges (I can’t believe you have never been there!). Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  6. Hey Tara,
    A great idea and a great post! Good luck to you, your training, and 2014. If I had advice on the abovementioned marathons, I would offer it, but I do not. I am not very familiar with them.
    Races I am running this year: Flying Pig Full Marathon and maybe Ironman Louisville
    Running goals as always: qualify for Boston
    Completed a triathlon: I have not. I should probably do so before attempting Ironman. 🙂
    Training Schedule: I am training for my 6th marathon. There is not a specific program out there. Work your way into it carefully so you do not get injured. Strength training, eating healthy and stretching is always recommended. I like to use the Run Less, Run Faster program. You can pick up the book online or at your local book store. It has a “3plus2” program which means you have 3 key running workouts per week and then you have 2 additional cardio workouts where you do something non-joint impacting such as swim, bike, row, etc.

    Good luck and Happy Training!

  7. Whoop whoop! Man I wish I could squeeze in this many half’s this year!! You should definitely make sure your first full is mostly flat! Mine was supposed to be (st jude) but then it got cancelled and I had to run the very next available and closest one and of course it came with some hills, which was mentally tough! You are such an awesome runner though you will rock whatever course you decide on!!

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