Meet me at the Barre.

Yep, I said it. The Barre. Flybarre that is. IMG_38071

Barre, not bar. No this isn’t a typo….

Barre classes are turning out to be the “newest” exercise trend to hit the block. You’ll soon find out why!!

What is (Fly)Barre?



Flybarre classes blend together a number of exercises that focus on targeting muscles within your glutes, abs, legs and arms with smaller more intense movements. These exercises often use small weights, wide resistance bands, a small exercise ball and a mat. The small isometric movements will help with improving your balance, strength, movement and overall flexibility.

Lord only knows how much I need to improve my own flexibility. I can barely touch my dang toes!



My Experience:

I’ve always been the type of fitness fanatic that always needs to be dripping in sweat during a workout. This is probably why Yoga and Pilates never caught by radar. However, I decided to venture outside my normal routine and take a Flybarre class.

It is about time, since I do work there….

Last Friday, I took a Flybarre class with Jessica. I was a bit nervous; because it is new to me and I have no knowledge of the choreography. I’ve just heard bits and pieces from my co-workers, instructors and Flybarre members.

Let’s just say, that rhythm isn’t necessary. As long as you can stay on the beat and pulse when Jessica tells you to pulse, then you are right on the money. I’ll admit, I had to stop for a moment tell myself to suck it up and jump back in.

The entire class was 45 minutes long (there’s also a Power Hour class) and each song played targeted a specific muscle group until it was fatigued. Literally your muscles would be shaking by the end of each segment. Burn, baby burn!

I was able to complete class, leave with shaking legs and a smile on my face. I was proud of myself for deciding to try a new type of class and finishing it.

The following day; my muscles were quite sore, but in a good way. I even decided to take another Flybarre class!

Apparently, I am jumping on the Flybarre bandwagon with both feet! 🙂


Lo and behold, I think I’ve fallen in love with the barre. I cannot wait to see my own results in my physique after taking Flybarre multiple times per week!

If you haven’t taken a Flybarre class yet, I highly encourage it.

*Remember when taking any new class to listen to your body and not push too hard. Ask the instructors for pointers and let them know if you have any injuries or “hot spots”. They are there to help you.**

What do I wear to Flybarre?

Any form fitting pants, shorts or tops. Socks are optional depending on the studio.

Extra Perks:

Your first class at Flywheel is always free! Check out Flywheel here for locations and schedules!

Have you taken a barre class before? What did you think?

When was the last time you took a new class?

XO, Tara

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  1. I’ve recently tried a barre workout and I loved it. I liked it mostly because I was used to have choreography classes a few times per week as a gymast and really miss it. These classes are really great for toning your body and they aren’t as easy as may seem!


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