The 12th Man- Stronger Than Ever!

Enough said. Seattle Seahawks fans are the 12th Man. We own it.

If you live in Washington, then you’ve probably seen the 12th man flag flying high everywhere.

I mean on houses, towers, construction sights, cars, The Space Needle, office buildings, at schools, etc. I even saw water fountains that were colored blue today and Top Pot Donuts has Seahawk themed donuts!


source140110_12_flag_wind_lg 94b58445ba8e0ce776413f6560129829




Top Pot Donuts Seahawk’s themed donuts!



Thanks for totally photo bombing my pic by walking behind me! Ugh people!

Clearly, Seattle is unbelievably PROUD of their SEAHAWKS. 


Hell yes!

Before the game, I’ll be taking a Flybarre class and a Flywheel Power hour. You gotta work off those beer calories that I’ll be consuming later on. Haha!

Which team are you cheering for?

Any other 12th Man fans?

What are you up to this weekend?

XO, Tara


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