Confessions: First Edition

1. Confession: I am absolutely OBSESSED with Flybarre. I’ve taken a class every single day for an entire week. My body is actually learning the moves and I am seeing results. Hello new booty, toned legs and stronger arms.Flybarre3-640x430

2. Confession: I forgot what is like to hold a physical book in your hands. Say it ain’t so! Yes, I said it. I’ve been so used to reading books on my Kindle for the last few years, that I haven’t had any need to purchase a physical book. It is quite nice to hold a book and curl up on the couch.010

3. Confession: I found my new favorite brand for workout attire. Zella. Their pants are amazingly comfortable, stylish and affordable!

4. Confession: I haven’t wrote about running in quite a while. This saddens me, because it means that I obviously haven’t gone on a run and I have no idea when it will happen. The weather needs to cooperate darn it! I am not one of those uber hard core runners who will run in the snow, sleet or downpour. I’ll run in cold-ish temps and light rain. That is my hardcore.

5. Confession: The Portland Marathon 2014 looks like the front runner for my first Marathon! I am about 92% sure.


6. Confession: I didn’t eat my first cherry, blackberry, raspberry or piece of pineapple until 2011. Yes, I said it. I’ve grown up with some weird phobia of trying new things, because they look weird or the texture freaks me out. Since then, I’ve been working on trying new types of foods. For example, I learned that I LOVE avocados. 


What are your confessions?

What is your favorite workout attire?

Avocados? Yay or Nay?

XO, Tara





  1. I can relate to confession nr.6, there are some rather ordinary fruits I didn´t bother to try out until last year.
    Oh, and I found out about Polaris, who do bike wear, but I got a nice jacket from them, and it is really nice to run in too.
    And a YAY to avocados!

  2. I haven’t found just one brand of workout gear I love. My pants are mostly nike, my tops and shorts are mostly brooks, but I throw in some champion C9 and some oiselle in the mix too. I’ve really struggled with finding running tights are are long enough for my tall legs.
    PS. I totally relate on Confession #4. I bought a treadmill in November 2012 because I couldn’t handle the wet and dark. And having a treadmill at home makes it a little easier to wimp out when it’s raining too much.

  3. I just started to like asparagus and avocados. I’m not adventurous when it comes to eating produce (go figure). Last week I ran in the rain and was drenched but I really didn’t mind because it was the high 40’s. If it is cold, windy and rainy, then that is another story

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