Finding a Balance

I mentioned in my January goals that I will be running a marathon to celebrate turning 26 years old. I received lots of helpful advice regarding which marathon I should do for my first. The Portland Marathon is looking pretty darn good! The Portland Marathon will be held on October 5, 2014. I have just shy of nine months to train. Absolutely achievable in my eyes. 🙂

Now my biggest issue is find the time to train. Training for a marathon can be like another full or part time job. How can I possibly manage three jobsfinding_balance

It means I need to find a balance between my mind, family, heart, health (training), work and social life.

I found this article with nine tips to create a balanced life.

1. Acknowledge. Have some “me” time and be honest with yourself. What areas do you need to work on or add more too?

2. Examine. Determine which areas you need to focus more on. Internal or External things? For me, it will be both. Maintaining a healthy balance with work, family and a social life.

3. Set Goals. Plan and simple. Make a list.

4. Plan Tasks. Spread out your goals. Don’t just have one large goal in the end. Make little milestones that can be weekly or monthly. Reaching a particular distance will be a huge milestone for me!

5. Reflect. What has kept you motivated in the past? Getting new clothes, shoes, etc? The feeling of accomplishment in the end keeps me going. The moment that I crossed the finish line at the Beaverlake Triathlon last year was the best feeling.

6. Prepare. Reflect on all the “pitty party” stuff that may creep on in and bring you down. Acknowledge these thoughts, write them down and make it a goal to rise above them.

7. Empower. Give yourself a pat on the back when you reach a certain level. It will help you stay positive about your journey.

8. Connect. Find others who you can connect with or gain support from.

9. Plan. Stick with your goals. The award at the end is worth it! Plus you will learn more about yourself.

Finding a balance will be more mental for me than anything. It will be a challenge, but as I’ve mentioned the reward in the end is always worth it. That high after crossing the finish line will reflect everything that I’ve accomplished.

I am pretty confident that I will be able to find the balance between all the areas in my life. I just need to prioritize my days better to accommodate my training schedule.  Saturday and Sundays will be dedicated to my longer runs. IMG_3251[1]

Random picture to give this post some life! 

This beautiful arrangement of flowers brought a smile to my face this morning. I needed that.

How do you find a BALANCE when you add training?

Any tips for me?

Did you find training for a Marathon, Ironman, Triathlon to be like another full time job?

XO, Tara

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  1. Training for a marathon really does take a lot out of your life – I wanted to put social life but I really don’t have one ;). I found when I was just training for the halfs, it wasn’t that bad, most of the long runs would take max of 90 minutes, but for the marathon some of those long runs would be over 3 hours, and then to account for my tired legs, shower time, ice baths, you name it it would be a total of a 5 hour take out of my day. Like I said I don’t have much of a social life so it didn’t suffer, but time spent with my kiddo and hubby did for a short time. This goal is definitely worth it though.

  2. You can do it!! I completely agree though. 100%. Training for a full marathon, I found, was a whole different ball game time commitment wise compared to training for a half. It really took up SO much more time, not just more hours on the weekends and longer nights at the gym during the week, but just MENTALLY. After my marathon last month was over, I remember feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and my face was even less broken out too, ha! I guess I was stressed about it, and didn’t realize it, I guess running a marathon is just stressful on your body in general! I just made sure to make my priority, relationships. And I tried to never miss out on social time because I had to run!

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