Hello Football Gods.

T-minus 5.5 hours until the kickoff of the Seahawks vs. 49ners playoff game. The anticipation is killing most of us here in the PNW. I’ve heard nothing but football talk since last weekends win. Totally okay with that; however, it is making everyone so nervous and CRAZY. The 12th man is definitely doing its job.

Yesterday, almost every other person was wearing some sort of Seahawks gear. Seattle has the best loyal fans. 🙂
We accidently found a Seahawks pep rally last night at Redmond Town Center. The atmosphere was out of control!!




I just need to make it through a few more hours at Flywheel, get a quick workout in, grab some tasty dranks and snacks then get into the Seahawks gameday zone! 🙂

Earlier in the day, I took my mom to her first Flybarre class. I wasn’t surprised to hear that she loved it, because the class is that amazing!

I ended up getting a great run in yesterday too. It has definitely been a minute since I went on a run. Sadly, I am not at my peak pace, but I got it done and that’s all that matters to me. The sun was out which made it even more enjoyable!

I also ran in remembrance of Meg Menzies, who was tragically killed by a drunk driving while out on her early morning run. On January 18, 2014, runners from all over world, put their running shoes on and got out to run in her memory. I was happy that I could participate and help bring awareness.

I don’t mean to end this on a somber note…
GO SEAHAWKS and BE SAFE TODAY! Don’t drink and drive. Call a friend or take a cab.

XO, Tara
“I’m in!”



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